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Mengapa Anda Harus Bekerja Dengan Kami?

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Why Join Us ?

Working at BRI means working in a fun, creative, and dynamic working environment that is conducive to personal development and the nurturing of the most excellent leaders. Few companies can provide a unique working environment and a diverse selection of working places all around Indonesia, giving you a promising career path and the most optimal compensation and benefit proportional to your contribution.

BRI realizes the importance of building Great Culture dan Great Leader,so that everyone can give their full effort to achieve a collective goal.

At BRI, we call ourselves BRILiaN with five strong work values: Integrity, Professionalism, Trust, Innovation , dan Customer Centric.

Come join us to be a part of BRILiaN BRI and build the nation!

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BRILiaN Generation

BRI educates the best talents by holding the values of corporate culture, namely Integrity, Professionalism, Trust, Innovation, and Customer Centric or known as BRI with 5 (five) values or BRILiaN.


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Get to know the Team

Get to know the Team