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Where will the notification of the results of the selection be announced?

The selection result will be announced in the “Announcement” page on the BRI career page and will be personally announced through the most convenient means of communication registered.

What do I have to do to join the recruitment and selection process for BRI and BRI Group?

Make sure that you are qualified. You can create your account by clicking the “Login” button on the upper right side of the page. After that, please follow the instruction to fill out your data in the Online CV and then submit your data. The applicants who pass the administrative stage will be announced on the specified time.

What is the next step after submitting the CV or application letter?

After submitting your CV to BRI e-recruitment website, we will review your profile and qualification. Only qualified candidates are to be invited for the next stages. Information and invitation will be sent through the most convenient means of communication registered or through the announcement page in BRI e-recruitment

I have applied online; do I still need to send the file offline for the next step?

In the administrative stage, you are only required to fill out the online CV on BRI e-recruitment website. The additional physical files will be requested if you pass to the next stage.

If I do not pass this selection period, can I apply in the next period?

If you do not pass, don’t give up. As long as you meet our qualifications, you can still apply for the same program in the next period.

How long is the duration of the selection process for each stage?

The duration and announcement procedure for the selection are different for each stage. Further announcement regarding this issue will be done directly to the Applicants who pass each stage through the most convenient means of communication.

Is there any payment required during the selection process?

Beware of recruitment scams pretending to be BRI and BRI Group. BRI and BRI Group do not solicit any fees or collaborate with any travel agencies during the recruitment process. Make sure that you receive the invitation from an official BRI email address or the announcement published on BRI e-recruitment website.

If you are in doubt and suspicious of any information you receive, you can submit your query to BRI official accounts on several platforms such as BRI Call Center 14017 and 0804-1-141414; Twitter @kontakBRI @BANKBRI_ID; and Instagram @bankBRI_ID.

Will there always be applicants do not pass at each stage?

BRI and BRI Group apply the knockout system for the selection process. Only qualified applicants will advance to next stage.

Can I select more than one role?

You can only choose one role in one BRI Group entity. Once you apply for that role, you may not apply for other roles. Therefore, we suggest that you select the one that fits you best.

Can I choose a role that is not in line with my educational background?

BRI and BRI Group will let you choose the role that suits your skills and passion. However, we do prioritize applicants with the relevant educational background for a few specific roles.

Does my University, Faculty, or Major affect the decision made in the selection process?

The success of every applicant is based on the selection result. BRI and BRI Group keep their door open for the best graduates of Universities with A accreditation predicate to showcase their best aptitude and attitude in this selection. Show us the best version of you!

Where can I get information about job vacancies in BRI and BRI Group?

BRI and BRI Group announce job vacancies on the e-recruitment website

How can I apply for the job in e-

You must create an account on BRI e-recruitment website if you haven’t done so. If you have an account, simply fill out all personal data and select the role for which you want to apply.

What do I have to do if I have created an account but cannot submit the application?

The application may only be submitted once your personal data has filled out completely and correctly.

When I create an account, I am asked to activate my account, but there is no activation email in my inbox. What should I do?

You can click “Resend Activation Email”.

I have used the “Resend Activation Email” feature but I still have not received the activation email.

There are a few of possibilities of what
causing that, such as:

a. Typo in the registered email. Example: which should be ;

b. The activation email is in your “SPAM” folder;

c. Delay in certain email providers. Email receipt is often delayed on Yahoo and Rocketmail; and

d. If within 1x24 hours the account cannot be activated, the account will be automatically cancelled. The applicant may re-register but is suggested to use another email provider.

I have created an account, but my Citizen Identification Number (NIK) cannot be submitted.

One NIK may only be registered once in the e-recruitment website. It is possible that you have registered before. If that is the case, click “Forget Password”. You can reset your password through the link sent to your registered email.

I want to know whether my application through the e-recruitment has been accepted by BRI or BRI Group.

A notification email stating “Application is Successfully Sent” will be automatically sent to your registered email.

What should I do if I receive an invitation email to participate in the selection process for BRI but I am asked to transfer a certain amount of money for accommodation (ticket, hotel, pickup, drive, etc.)?

BRI does not require applicants to transfer any amount of money for accommodation.

At every stage of BRI employee recruitment, BRI does not collaborate with any travel agencies to provide accommodation during the selection process (ticket, hotel, pickup, drive, etc.)

BRI does not solicit any payment for the selection process.

I have just graduated, but I only have Graduation Certificate and I will receive the diploma after the graduation ceremony. Can I apply?

You may apply with a Graduation Certificate and verified final transcripts.