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QRIS Description

What is QRIS?

QRIS or Indonesian Standard Quick Response Code is standardization of payments using the QR Code method from Bank Indonesia so that the transaction process with QR Code becomes easier, faster, and safeguarded.

QRIS type

  • 1. Transactions become more effective and efficient so they can cut queuing time.
    • QRIS is available at merchants who are then scanned by customers using mobile phones to complete transactions at the merchant.
  • 2. QRIS can be accepted by all e-wallets from various payment methods with a maximum payment of Rp 2,000,000 per transaction.
    • The customer shows the QRIS to be scanned by the cashier using a scanner provided by the merchant to complete the transaction at the m ...Read more

Benefits of QRIS

  • Payment application providers can set daily and / or monthly cumulative nominal limits for QRIS transactions made by each QRIS user, determined according to user risk mitigation.
  • In accordance with the agreed MDR
  • 1. Open a BRI Account


In accordance with the agreed MDR


  • 1. Open a BRI Account
  • 2. Fill out the form provided
  • 3. Identitas diri seperti KTP dan NPWP
  • Info lebih lanjut hubungi BRI Merchant Hotline 1500274