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  • Automatic transactions
    Can use automatic transaction facility include: Automatic Fund Transfer (AFT), Account Sweep, and Automatic Grab Fund (AGF)
  • Great Deals
    Inter-Branch Transaction Limit up to Rp.300.000.000, -
  • e-Banking
    Supported by e-Banking Facility (mobile banking, Internet banking, sms notification etc)
  • Reward Program
    Great opportunity to win prizes, total billions of Rupiah
  • Free Insurance
    Free cover personal accident insurance up to Rp 150.000.000, -
  • Competitive Interest
    Obtain a deposit of 2.2% p.a.
  • Accessibility
    Accessibility of ATM / Debit Card of BRI both inside and outside the country.
  • Real Time Transaction
    Real time online transactions in over 10,000 BRI work units and 23,000 BRI ATMs worldwide

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Featured Features

  • Other Features
    Transfer of funds between BRI accounts, transfer of funds via RTGS & Bank Indonesia Clearing, credit card bill payment and postpaid cellular carrier, airline ticket purchase, delivery order payment of various companies, payment with distributor financing, electricity bill payment and fixed line call, local taxes (PB1), BRIVA (BRI Virtual Account) payments, and a variety of transactions and other features that are complete and growing.
  • Full Report
    Through BRI CMS, customers can view various reports that are available and printed or stored in various electronic forms such as Microsoft® Excel®, Microsoft® Word®, Acrobat® PDF.
  • BRIVA Management
    With BRI CMS, customers can make BRIVA account creation, change and deletion on-line real-time
  • Account Polls
    The Customer may automatically configure the book-transfer between scheduled accounts.
  • Payroll Payment
    Make wage payments easily with security mechanisms for changes in wage data and suitability of the account owner's name, ensures payment transactions of employees' wages safer and accountable
  • Multi-currency book-entry transaction with negotiated rate
    Transactions on CMS BRI can be made for various major currencies.
  • Fund Transfer Overseas
    Performed through the SWIFT network, customers can make money directly to the bank account.
  • e-Tax MPN
    Real-time on-line tax payment with the Ministry of Finance can be done anytime. The customer directly receives proof of payment in the format as stipulated by Ministry of Finance RI.