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Brizzi Other Terms Detail


  1. BRIZZI uses Rupiah and can only be used in Indonesia.
  2. BRIZZI is not a savings account. The balance is not subject to interest and is not guaranteed by the Savings Guarantee Institution (LPS)
  3. BRIZZI ownership can be transferred by handing over the BRIZZI card.
  4. If BRIZZI is lost, stolen or used by unauthorized parties, it can’t be blocked or replaced with a new card. Any consequences arising due to the lost or stolen BRIZZI card is the full responsibility of the Cardholder.
  5. Cardholders can only use BRIZZI for transactions if the available fund is sufficient.
  6. No monthly administration fees for BRIZZI cardholders.
  7. Cardholders are required to keep the physical BRIZZI card from being damaged or broken to ensure that the BRIZZI number is identifiable.
  8. Information and calculation from Bank BRI related to payment transactions, other transactions and/or BRIZZI balance due to usage are binding evidence unless proven otherwise.
  9. BRIZZI users are subject to the applicable provisions of Bank BRI and the terms and conditions governing all services or facilities and Payment Transactions or Top Up Transactions that are covered by BRIZZI including any changes that will be informed in advance by Bank BRI.

Tariff & Limitation

Type Amount
Initial Fee 20,000.00
Minimum Top Up 1.00
Minimum Balance 0.00
Maximum Balance 2,000,000.00
Pending Balance Limit
Monthly Top Up Limit


  • BRIZZI card is valid for as long as the card legible.
  • BRIZZI balance is active for 10 years since your last top up transaction. The reference Top Up transactions are Online Top Up, Pending Top Up, and Top Up through the Interbank Transfer menu.
  • BRIZZI that hasn’t been topped up for more than 10 years cannot be topped up, either through Online Top Up, Pending Top Up, or Top Up through the Interbank Transfer menu.
  • If your BRIZZI hasn’t been topped up for more than 10 years but still has remaining balance:
  1. If you have remaining balance in your card, you can still use it until Rp 0.
  2. If you have pending balance, you can still update it to settle the pending balance and use your balance until Rp 0.


  • Replace your BRIZZI card at the nearest BRI Office.
  • Damaged BRIZZI card that is unrecognizable by the EDC/Reader can be replaced if the card number is still legibles.
  • The BRIZZI balance on the damaged card will be transferred to a new BRIZZI card.
  • Balance Transfer will take at least 10 (ten) business days but no later than 20 (twenty) business days since Bank BRI receives the complete documents for BRIZZI card replacement.
  • As of January 1, 2019, damaged BRIZZI card replacement will be charged Rp 15,000,- per new card if the customer does not have any replacement card. No replacement fee for customers who has their replacement card in good condition.

BRIZZI Complaint Handling

  • Cardholder can submit a complaint to Bank BRI concerning BRIZZI at the nearest BRI Office or contact BRI call center. Cardholders need to attach a copy of their personal identity and other supporting documents to submit a complaint.
  • Bank BRI will follow up the complaint in accordance with the policies and procedures no later than 14 (fourteen) business days after Bank BRI receives the complete complaint.