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Jenis Kredit pangan

Type Credit

Total credit up to 1 Billion

  • KMK
    Working capital credit with maximum credit of 500 million. Duration of up to 3 years.
  • KI
    Investment Loan with maximum credit of 500 million Period of cashflow business

Suku Bunga

Interest Rate

Free Provisi Fee and
Administration Fee

Fixed Interest Rate
each year

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Persyaratan - kredit pangan


Here are some things that need to be fulfilled to apply for food credits:

  • Business Period
    Economic Sector Production: 2 cycles per plant / business or 1 year and has profit
    Sector Home Industry and Trade: 1 year and has profit
  • Business Legality
    Production Economic Sector in accordance with the rules set by the Authorized Service in their respective regions. Industry and Trade Home Sector in the form of Deed of Business Establishment, TDP, SIUP, SITU and IUMK
  • Personal Identity
    Identity and legality in accordance with applicable terms and conditions