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Keuntungan DPLK


  • Safety
    Managed by BRI Bank management, as well as all transactions through overbooking to improve transaction security.
  • Broad Access
    Conventional network and e-channel BRI spread all over Indonesia, facilitate the participants BRI DPLK in transactions.
  • Diverse and Prudent Investment
    DPLK BRI prioritizes prudential principles in fund placement with 6 investment options
  • Optimal Return
    Historically, DPLK BRI gave a good return.
  • Modern Management
    The investment management of DPLK BRI uses the concept of mutual fund management which is calculated daily and sent periodically
  • Transparancy
    Investment results are published daily in Bisnis Indonesia newspaper, Investor Daily, Seputar Indonesia, infovesta and DPLK BRI.
  • Experience
    Experience in collaboration with more than 200 leading corporations in Indonesia.
  • Low Cost
    Registration is free and is managed at a low cost.

Paket pilihan investasi

Choice of Investment Packages

  • DPLK BRI Money market
    Money Market Effect: 100%
  • DPLK BRI Fixed Income
    Conservative - Moderate
    Debt Securities: 80 - 100%
    Money Market Securities: 0 - 20%
  • DPLK BRI Shares
    Debt Securities: 80 - 100%
    Money Market Securities: 0 - 20%
  • DPLK BRI Combination
    Conservative - Moderate
    Combination of BRI DPLK Money Market, BRI DPLK Fixed Income and DPLK BRI sahm according to participant choice.
  • DPLK BRI Syariah Money Market
    Syariah Money Market Effect: 100%
  • DPLK BRI Balanced Syariah
    Syariah Money Market Effect: 0 - 100%
    Sukuk Effect: 0 - 50%
    Sharia Securities: 0 - 50%

Simulasi Manfaat Pensiun DPLK


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Terms and Conditions :

  • The Investment Details above are only a simulation / cost estimate.

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