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Deposit Rupiah Requirements


What you need to open a rupiah deposit account

BRI Account

Have a BRI savings account or giro

Initial Deposit

  1. Initial deposit of Rp10,000,000,- if you open through a BRI unit
  2. Minimum initial deposit of Rp5,000,000,- and maximum of Rp100,000,000,- if you open through Internet Banking

Personal Identity

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI): Bring your original ID Card/Driver’s License/ Passport and NPWP (if any)
  2. Foreign Citizen (WNA): Passport and Residence Permit/ Temporary Stay Permit Card (KIMS/KITAS

Stamp Duty Fee

Stamp duty for time deposit opening and withdrawal pursuant to the prevailing regulations

Deposit Interest Tax

The interest rate you receive will be subject to tax in accordance with the prevailing regulations

Deposit Rupiah Simulation Portlet

Terms & Conditions
  • The calculation above does not include interest tax.
  • Interest rates may change at any time pursuant to the applicable terms and conditions.
  • This simulation is just an illustration for Tahapan Berjangka. The actual calculation will be done by the BRI system.


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Deposit Amount

Value must be greater than 0

Value must not be greater than 10,000,000,000

Value must be greater than 0.
Effective Interest Rate

Rate + Balance Deposit

Balance Without Interest


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