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What is CERIA

What is CERIA?

Ceria is a digital loan application for financing transactions through e-commerce, online travel sites or ride-sharing. Ceria from Bank BRI has been registered and monitored by the Financial Services Authority, so don't hesitate to submit a limit because it is safe. Currently, the Ceria facility can be enjoyed by BRI Bank savings customers who have applied for a limit through the Ceria and received approval in just minutes. For those of you who don't have BRI Bank savings, let's register Ceria! With Ceria, you can realize your dreams now!


Benefits CERIA


Pay Later

Shop for dream items now, pay later


Apply for fast credit! Only 10 minutes

Attractive Ceiling

Attractive ceiling up to Rp. 20 million

Low interest

Low interest 1.42% flat per month makes you cheerful!

Free Admin Fees

Free monthly admin fees

Ease of payment

Ease of payment with installments up to 12 months

Without Having to go to the Bank

Without having to go to the Bank or meet Bank officials

Safe and Comfortable

Safe and comfortable because it is registered and supervised by the FSA

Come on, download CERIA!

Come on, download CERIA!


Open the Google Play Store on your cellphone, type 'CERIA' in the search field.


Click ‘install’ and wait for the CERIA application to be fully installed on your mobile.


The CERIA application is already installed and soon we can shop without waiting!

How to Register CERIA?

How to Register CERIA?

1. Open CERIA

Open the CERIA application on your mobile

2. Register

Enter your mobile number and click Sign Up

3. OTP Code

Enter the OTP code sent via SMS

4. Create a PIN

Create your PIN number and confirm

5. PIN Confirmation

Confirm PIN

6. Successfully

Yeay, your CERIA account has been formed! Continue to "Submit a Limit Now"

Applying for Loan

Applying for Loan

1. Data verification

Verification of BRI customer accounts

2. Fill the form

Fill in family and financial personal data

3. Photo ID card

Your photo ID card

4. Digital Process

Digital Scoring Process. Don't forget to verify in the registered email, so you know the limit agreement

5. Success

Congratulations! You can get a credit limit. Click 'Accept Offer'

Transactions at Merchants

Transactions at Merchants

1. Select Item

Select the items you want to buy

2. Payment

On the Payment page, select CERIA

3. Period of time

Select the payment term and double check the transaction details. Click continue

4. OTP Code

Enter the OTP code sent via SMS

5. Notification

Yeay! Transaction successful

Submission Requirements for CERIA

Submission Requirements for CERIA

Have an e-KTP

Bank BRI savings customers

Minimum age of 21 years

Have a minimum Android smartphone of version 4.0 Kitkat and an internet network connection