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BritAma Bisnis Requirements

BritAma Bisnis Requirements

What you need to open a BritAma Bisnis savings account

Initial Deposit

Initial deposit of Rp. 1,000,000,-

Application Form

Fill out the application form to open an account (AR-02)

Company Administrator’s Identity

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI): ID Card (KTP) based on Citizen Identification Number (NIK) and Tax Identification Number (NPWP)
  2. Foreign Citizen (WNA): Passport and Residence Permit/Permanent Stay Permit Card/Temporary Stay Permit Card (KIMS/KITAP/KITAS) or suppo ...Read more

Attach Documents

Attach a copy of the Deed of Establishment/Articles of Association

Business License

Business License (Trade Business License/Company Registration Code)

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney for the appointment of the card holder and responsible for the account made by the management to the person authoriz ...Read more

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