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Briguna Karya is a credit given to prospective borrowers / debtors with repayment sources derived from sources of fixed income or fixed income (salary).

Can be used for financing productive and non productive purposes such as: the purchase of moving goods / immovable, home improvement, college / school, medication, marriage, and others.

Keuntungan Briguna Karya


  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Interest and Low Cost
  • Light Installment
    Mortgage installments and fixed installments until maturity
  • Unlimited Credit Limit
    Unlimited credit limit (according to the ability of the debtor)
  • Promotion
    Promos and programs are interesting at certain events
  • Insurance
    Life Insurance Protection without Medical Check Up up to Rp. 500 million
  • Other Advantages
    If the debtor passed away, the loan will be covered by insurance
  • Other Advantages
    If the debtor is transferred to another area, it is not required to repay the loan
  • Other Loan Facilities
    Choose another KTA BRIGuna loan facility products from Bank BRI for you, among others: Briguna Umum, Briguna Purna, and Briguna Pendidikan.

BRIGuna Simulation


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Terms and Conditions

  • The above Credit Details are only a cost / cost simulation.
  • The calculation still does not include other fees.

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