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3 Easy Steps to Apply for a Job at BRI

3 Easy Steps to
Apply for a Job at BRI


Hi BRILiaN Applicant. If you would like to submit your application to BRI, please click the login button on the upper right side of this page or click “Job Vacancy” tab and then click “Apply” for any vacancy available. You need to register to BRI e-recruitment first and then fill out all the required information.

Account Activation

After filling out all the required information, click “Register” to get the account activation email from BRI. After that, click the link in the email to confirm your registration and activate your BRI e-recruitment account.

CV & Application Submission

After you activate your account, login to BRI e-recruitment webpage with your registered email and password to enter and choose the available Job Vacancy. Only qualified applicants will be processed. BRI does not solicit any payment or collaborate with any travel agencies in the employer selection process.

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