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Go Green, Go Paperless, e - Statement BRI Credit Card

Go Green, Go Paperless, e - Statement BRI Credit Card

Did you know that every 1 kg of paper is equal to 3 kg of wood ?

Data shows that the world's daily paper waste is equivalent to 270.000 logs. if this goes on, the trees on Earth will decrease and it will be detrimental to humans.

Register BRI Credit Card e-Statement now to support the Go Green and Paoerless movement. 

Get 6 EXTRA BENEFITS from the BRI Credit Card e-Statement

  • Faster. An e-Statement will be sent directly to your email address.
  • More  Accurate e-Statement will help you schedule your payment to make sure you pay on time.
  • Easier. e-Statements in your email can be accsessed anytime and anywhere from your device
  • More Secure.  e-Statement is password protected to keep your bill information confidential
  • Eco-Friendly. e -Statement is eco-frendly since it's eco- friendly sine it's paperless

  • Cheaper. e-Statement is free.

As of May 1, 2019, Rp 15.000 will be charged for the delivery of every printed statement.

Register for BRI Credit Card e-Statement no by calling Contact BRI at 1417/1500017 or send an SMS to 3300 via your registered number with this format:

KKBRI (space) BS (space) first 6 digits of your BRI CC Number # 4 Last Digits of your BRI CC Number# brith of date ddmmyyyy#email address



Card Number: 1234-56xx-xxxx-7890

Date of Birth: December 31, 1990

Email Address:




Send to 3300 via your regstered number at BRI Card Center 

E-Statement registration via SMS to 3300 can only be done by the main card holders of Silver, Gold, Easy Card, Platinum, Business, BRI Touch, Infinite, JCB, and Co-Branding.


After receiving the text that confirm successful regisration, your e-Statement will be sent to your email address on the next  billing date and per November 1, 2017 you will not receive any printed statement.


If you still want to receive both the printed statement and e-Statement, all Contact BRI 14017/1500017