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Ease of Payment of BRI Credit Card Bill

BRI Credit Card Billing Payment is Easy

You can now pay your BRI Credit Card bills conveniently and on-time without having to visit a BRI ATM.
In partnership with the ATM PRIMA and ATM Bersama networks, you can pay your BRI Credit Card bill anytime, anywhere. 
Pay Your BRI Credit Card Bill through these steps 

  1. ATM BRI Network

    If you have a BRI Savings account, you can pay your bill at every BRI ATM.

    1. Select the Other Transaction 
    2. Select the Payment
    3. Select the Credit Card
    4. Select BRI menu
    5. Enter 16 digit Credit Card Number
    6. Select Yes, to continue transaction
    7. Insert the desired amount of payment
    8. Select Yes, to confirm your payment 
  2. ATM Bersama Network

    If you are a customer of another ATM Bersama Network member bank, you can pay your bill via ATM Bersama Network:

    1. Select the Other Transaction
    2. Select the Transfer
    3. Insert the bank code and 16-digit BRI Credit Card number (BRI bank code: 002)
    4. Insert the desired payment amount 
    5. Insert the refence number of your transfer, if not needed select Yes 
    6. Select  source of fund
    7. Select Yes to comfirm the payment 

    *If you will be charged Rp 6.500,- for every transaction
    ATM Bersama Members

    1. Artajasa
    2. Bank INA Perdana
    3. Bank Kesawan
    4. Bank Maluku
    5. Bank Swadesi
    6. BPD Jambi
    7. BPD Kalimantan Selatan
    8. ANZ RBS Bank
    9. Bank Agroniaga
    10. Bank Artos Indonesia
    11. Bank Bengkulu
    12. UOB Buana
    13. Bank Bukopin
    14. Bank Bumiputera Indonesia
    15. Bank BPTN
    16. Bank Nusantara Parahyangan
    17. Bank Commonwealth
    18. Bank Danamon
    19. BPD DIY
    20. Bank DKI
    21. Bank Eksekutif Internasional
    22. Bank Ganesha
    23. Bank Saudara
    24. Bank HSBC
    25. Bank Index
    26. Bank Internasional Indonesia
    27. Bank Jabar Banten
    28. Bank Jateng
    29. Bank Jatim
    30. Bank Lampung
    31. Bank Mayapada Internasional
    32. Bank Mandiri
    33. Bank Mega
    34. Bank Mestika
    35. Bank Muamalat Indonesia
    36. Bank Nagari
    37. Bank Negara Indonesia 46
    38. Bank CIMB Niaga
    39. Bank OCBC NISP
    40. Bank Nusa Tenggara Barat
    41. Bank Nusa Tenggara Timur
    42. Bank Panin
    43. Bank Papua
    44. Bank Permata
    45. Bank Rakyat Indonesia
    46. Bank RIAU
    47. Bank Sinarmas
    48. Bank Sumatera Selatan
    49. Bank Sumatera Utara
    50. Bank Syariah Mandiri
    51. Bank Mega Syariah
    52. BPD Aceh
    53. BPD Bali
    54. BPD Kalimantan Barat
    55. BPD Kalimantan Tengah
    56. BPD Kalimantan Timur
    57. BPD Sulawesi Selatan
    58. BPD Sulawesi Utara
    59. BPD Sulawesi Tenggara
    60. BPR KS
    61. Citybank
    62. Standard Chartered Bank
    63. Bank Tabungan Negara
    64. BKE
    65. Bank Sulteng
    66. ANZ Panin Bank
    67. Bank Mutiara
    68. BRI Syariah
    69. Bank Capital
    70. Bank Mayora
  3. ATM Prima Network

    If you are a customer of another ATM Prima Network member bank, you can pay your bill via ATM Prima Network:

    1. Select the Transfer
    2. Select the menu to Other Bank Account

    3. Insert the Bank Code (BRI Bank code: 002)
    4. Insert the desired payment amount 
    5. Insert the 16 digit BRI Credit Card Number
    6. Select Source of fund
    7. Select Yes, to confirm the payment 

    *Will be charged Rp 6.500,- for every transaction

    PRIMA Members

    1. Bank Central Asia
    2. Bank Rakyat Indonesia
    3. Bank International Indonesia
    4. Bank Permata
    5. Bank OCBC NISP
    6. Bank Mega
    7. Bank Bukopin
    8. Bank Jabar Banten
    9. Bank Sinarmas
    10. Bank UOB Buana
    11. Bank Papua
    12. Bank Sumsel Babel
    13. Bank Ekonomi Raharja
    14. Bank Jatim
    15. Bank Commonwealth
    16. Bank Riau
    17. Bank BRI Syariah
    18. Rabo Bank
    19. Bank Jateng
    20. Bank Mayapada
    21. Bank Artha Graha
    22. Bank BPD Kaltim
    23. Bank Maspion
    24. Bank Nusantara Parahyangan
    25. ANZ-RBS Bank
    26. Bank Eksekutif International
    27. Bank Mega Syariah
    28. Bank Bumi Arta
    29. Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
    30. Bank Jasa Jakarta
    31. Bank Muamalat
    32. Bank Victoria
    33. Bank Syariah Mandiri
    34. Bank Royal Indonesia
    35. Bank SBI Indonesia
    36. Bank Windu Kencana


    Payment Fees

    The details of the fees charged for each BRI Credit Card payment is as follows :



    Payment Fee


    Phone Banking
    ATM BCA (Prima)
    ATM Bersama

    Rp. 50.000,-
    Rp. 6.500,-
    Rp. 6.500,-



    Rp. 6.500,-

    Bank Mandiri


    Rp. 6.500,-

    Bank Danamon


    Rp. 6.500,-

    Bank Niaga


    Rp. 6.500,-

    Bank Permata


    Rp. 6.500,-

    Bank NISP


    Rp. 6.500,-

  4. Interbank transfer

    If your BRI Credit Card bill exceeds the ATM transfer limit, you may use the interbank transfer feature for payment to acc. No. 0229 01 000 857 - Transfer Payment Point for BRI Credit Card number on the record column. 

  5. SMS Banking

    SMS Banking allows you to make transactions without having to go to the ATM or Bank. it is an easy and fast way to pay your BRI Credit Card bill, yo just need to :

    1. Register SMS Banking via BRI ATM:
      1. Insert your ATM card
      2. Insert your PIN ATM
      3. Select Other Transaction
      4. Select Registration
      5. Select SMS Banking Registration
      6. Insert your phone number that you want to use for the app
      7. Insert your PIN number
      8. Re-enter your PIN number

      9. You will obtain the receipt

Upon completion, visit the nearest BRI Branch Office to get the app.

  1. BRI Visa Credit Card Payment: :
    1. Select SMS Payment in the SMS Banking Menu
    2. Select Credit Card 
    3. Select BRI
    4. Input the data  :
      1. Credit Card Number
      2. Payment Amount (Rp)
  2. Internet Banking

    Use Internet Banking to pay your credit card bills conveniently.

    The requirements to use BRI Internet Banking are as follows:

    1. BRI Saving account holder (BritAma / Simpedes / Current Giro)

    2. Use sim card from BRI's selected operators
    3. Make non-financial registration at the  ATM BRI / Mini ATM and financial registration at BRI unit 

    Register your internet Banking at: 

    1. BRI ATM / Mini ATM for non-financial transaction 
    2. BRI Unit for financial transactions

    How to use BRI's Internet Banking :

    Before you can use the Internet Banking, you must:

    1. Register at the BRI ATM / Mini ATM 
      1. Insert your ATM Card and ATM PIN Number
      2. Select the Other Transaction
      3. Select Registration
      4. Select Internet Banking Registration
      5. Accept the Terms & Conditions 
      6. Create PIN/Password IB
      7. Confirm the registration and User ID information that appear on the screen
      8. Obtain the ATM/Mini ATM receipt 
    2. Registering Mobile Token (mTOKEN), also known as Financial Registration, or mTOKEN Registration, by:

      1. Visit the BRI Branch Office or BRI Sub-Branch Office
      2. Fill out and sign the Internet Banking Application Form and attach a copy of valid identity document (ID Card/ driver's licence/Passport/temporary permit) and account holder statement 
      3. Acquire your Token Number through mTOKEN request and 5-digit token will be sent to your registered phone number 
      4. You can change your password anytime using mTOKEN

      After your register via ATM and Branch Office, you need to register the BRI Internet Banking before the next payment, through:

      Register via BRI Internet Banking
      1. Visit to log into BRI Internet Banking
      2. Input your User ID, Password and Captcha Code Follow these steps to make payment:
      3. Select the Payment & Purchasing
      4. In the Payment submenu, select BRI Credit Card 
      5. Inset your Credit Card Number and select Save for future transaction 
      6. Click send
      7. You will receive the payment detail as follows:
        1. Credit Card Number
        2. Customer's name

        3. Bill amount 
        4. Minimum Payment
        5. Due Date
      8. Select Full payment, Minimum payment, or specific amount and select Send 
      9. Data confirmation will pop up to make sure everything is right
      10. Insert your Password and Token Number and then select Send