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BRI Mastercard Business Card

Annual Fee
a. Basic
b. Suplement

Maximum Cash Withdrawal

60% of the remaining limit
a.Over Limit Fee
IDR 125.000,-
b. Late Payment Fee
3% of the transaction balance in the previous month (maximum of Rp. 150,000,-)
c. Card Replacement Fee
IDR 50.000,-
d. Billing Statement Reprint Fee
IDR 10.000,-
e. Local Draft Sales Copy Fee
IDR 25.000,-
f. International Draft Sales Copy
IDR 150.000,-
g. PIN Replacement
IDR 25.000,-
h. Annual Statement Fee
IDR 100.000,-
i. BRI Credit Card Limit
IDR 8.000.000,-
j. Limit Increase Fee
IDR 75.000,-
k. Card Upgrade Fee
l. Billing Fee

Mastercard Business Section Card

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