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BRI Mastercard BRI Agro

Annual Fee
a. Basic
300,000 IDR
b. Suplement
150,000 IDR

Maximum Cash Withdrawal

60% of the remaining limit
a.Over Limit Fee
125,000 IDR
b. Late Payment Fee
3% from the previous month's transaction balance (maximum 150,000 IDR)
c. Card Replacement Fee
50,000 IDR
d. Billing Statement Reprint Fee
10,000 IDR
e. Local Draft Sales Copy Fee
25,000 IDR
f. International Draft Sales Copy
150,000 IDR
g. PIN Replacement
25,000 IDR
h. Annual Statement Fee
100,000 IDR
i. BRI Credit Card Limit
8,000,000 IDR - 100,000,000 IDR
j. Limit Increase Fee
75,000 IDR
k. Card Upgrade Fee
l. Billing Fee
50,000 IDR

BRI Agro Section Card

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