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Mutual Fund is a forum to collect public funds that are managed and invested by investment managers in a portfolio of securities, securities or shares.

Money Market Mutual Funds


Underlying Asset :

1.  Domestic Money Market Instruments, and/or Time Deposits
2. Debt securities, among others:
    a. Issued with a period of not more than 1 year; and/or
    b. The remaining maturity is not more than 1 year.


Risk Return Tenor
Low - Medium Average 3-4% pa 1-2 Years


Available Products:

  • Schroder Dana Likuid
  • Trim Kas 2
  • Danareksa Seruni Pasar Uang II
  • Bahana Liquid USD
  • Bahana Dana Likuid


Fixed Income Mutual Funds

Underlying Asset:


Minimum investment of 80% in Debt Securities.
Example: Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds, etc.


Risk Return Tenor
Low - Medium Average 7-8% pa 2-3 Years


Available Products:

  • Schroder USD Bond Fund
  • Danareksa Melati Pendapatan Utama
  • Makara Prima
  • Manulife Obligasi Negara Indonesia II Kelas A
  • Manulife Pendapatan Bulanan II
  • Ganesha Abadi Kelas D
  • Danareksa Brawijaya Abadi Pendapatan Tetap
  • Ashmore Dana Obligasi Nusantara
  • Ashmore Dana USD Nusantara

Mixed Mutual Fund

Underlying Asset :

Investment policy of mixed Mutual Funds Maximum 79% for all instruments (equity, fixed income and money market)


Risk Return Tenor
Medium-High Average 8-9% pa 3-5 Years


Available Products:

  • Schroder Dana terpadu II
  • Schroder Syariah Balance Fund
  • Bahana Dana Infrastruktur
  • Trim Kombinasi 2
  • Danareksa Anggrek Fleksibel
  • Schroder Dana Kombinasi
  • Danareksa Syariah Berimbang
  • Danareksa Balanced Regular Income Fund
  • Manulife Dana Campuran II

Equity Funds

Underlying Asset:

Investment in Equity Securities is at least 80%.


Risk Return Tenor
High Average 16-17% pa > 5 Years



Available Products:


  • Danareksa Mawar Konsumer 10
  • Danareksa Indeks Syariah
  • Schroder Dana Prestasi
  • Ashmore Dana Progresif Nusantara
  • Schroder 90 Plus Equity Fund
  • Dana Ekuitas Prima
  • Trim Kapital
  • Manulife Dana Saham Kelas A
  • Danareksa Mawar Fokus 10
  • Schroder Global Sharia Equity Fund (USD)

Protected Mutual fund

Product Definition

Protected Mutual Fund is a type of Mutual Fund that will protect 100% of the investment principal, investors at maturity.

This Mutual Fund has an investment period that has been predetermined by the Investment Manager, but can be disbursed before maturity without any guarantee of protection for the investment principal.

Protected Mutual Funds​​​​​​​ Products :


  • Danareksa Proteksi 62
  • Danareksa Proteksi 65
  • Danareksa Proteksi 66
  • Bahana Protected Fund 170
  • Bahana Centrum Protected Fund 204
  • Trimegah Terproteksi Prima 26
  • Trimegah Terproteksi Lestari 18
  • Trimegah Terproteksi Lestari 11
  • Trimegah Terproteksi Lestari 16
  • Trimegah Terproteksi 32