Banner Program BritAma Valas Swap Deposit (BRAVO)

BritAma Valas Swap Deposit (BRAVO)

Program - Detail

Program Detail


1 July - 15 December 2022



This program is a retention program where BRI Prioritas customers and BRI Private customers who place BRI Swap Deposit (BSD) products in the form of BritAma Forex savings and held for 3 months and bundling purchases of USD / IDR Mutual Fund or Bancass Aurora products will get a prize in the form of a voucher (travel/shopping voucher)​​​​​​​



  • *Fund placements at BritAma Valas Swap Deposit (BRAVO) must be fresh funds and minimun hold for 3 month with bundling placements in USD Mutual Funds
  • ** Rewards applies multiply​​​​​​