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Rupiah Transfer
  • At BRI, transfer can be made by:
    Teller at ATM BRI, BRI Branch Offices, and BRI Units.
  • Transfer Fees:
    Information on transfer fee can be obtained at the nearest BRI Branch Office.
    Inter account transfer (BritAma) through ATM BRI is free of charge.
    Surcharge fee.
    Cash deposit for transfer with deposit amount of Rp.50 million is subject to surcharge fee of 0.5‰ (one-half permil) at the minimum of the deposited amount.
Forex (Foreign Exchange) Transfer
  • Types of Forex transfer:
    Outgoing Forex Transfer
    Forex Transfer between BRI Branch Offices
  • Outgoing Forex Transfer:
    Communication (telex) fee of USD 25 without regarding the nominal amount transferred.
    Provision of the amount transferred in USD.
  • Forex Transfer between BRI Branch Offices:
    Communication fee of USD 3
    Provision of the amount of USD cash deposit for deposit of above USD.5,000.