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Terms of Use MoCash


  1. A mobile number registered as a Mocash user is a Customer's mobile number used on other smartphones / HP used to transact Mocash payments and or get transaction notifications.

  2. The Customer shall register and use the mobile phone number of the Customer itself. Any consequences arising from the registration of the phone number of the other party shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer and the Customer hereby releases BRI from any claims, litigation, and / or any other legal action from any party.

  3. The Customer is solely responsible for the use of the Customer's mobile number, including in the event of misuse of the Customer's mobile number.

  4. The Customer shall keep PIN confidential. The Customer is solely responsible for the use of the PIN, including in the event of any misuse of the PIN.

  5. The Customer will be charged a Short Message Service (SMS) shipping fee for each transaction requiring SMS. The cost of the SMS is in accordance with the specified by the Mobile Operator.

  6. In the case of the SIM Card of the mobile phone of the Customer with the mobile number registered as the Tbank account number / Mobile Banking registered number is stolen or lost, the Customer shall immediately contact the Call Center BRI 14017/1500017.

  7. Any notice of theft or loss of the mobile SIM Card of the Customer by phone number registered as TBC / Mobile Banking registered account number shall be followed by BRI's blocking of the number concerned. Such blocking shall remain conducted by BRI until BRI accepts applications for opening blocking of such facilities from the Customer. As long as the notice of theft or loss has not been received by BRI, any Transactions conducted with registered mobile numbers stolen or lost shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

  8. The application for opening blocking of the registered number of the Customer who is reported to be missing his SIM Card with the registered mobile number can be submitted by the Customer to the BRI work unit. BRI reserves the right to verify the identity of the Client when the Customer submits an application for the unblocking of the registered number.

  9. The Customer shall notify BRI in writing in case of any change of Customer's data.

  10. The process of removing registration as a Mocash user may be made by the Customer through the BRI Work Unit.

  11. By using the Mocash service, the Customer is subject to and agrees to these terms. BRI reserves the right to amend the Mocash related provisions to be notified by BRI in any form and by any means in accordance with applicable law.