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  • Loan Application
    Loan application can be submitted to BRI Branch Offices and BRI Sub-Branch Offices throughout Indonesia.
  • Loan Period
    Loan period is adjusted to the company’s Cash Flow.
  • Credit Limit
    Credit Limit from Rp. 100 Million.- up to Rp. 40 Billion.
  • Currency
    Credit denominated in Rupiah or Forex.
  • Repayment
    Repayment in installments.
  • Grace Period
    Can be granted a Grace Period.
  • Refinancing
    Can be used for refinancing.
  • The Largest and Widespread Bank in Indonesia
    As the Largest and Widespread Bank in Indonesia, all banking transactions and services can be more easily done.
  • Financial planning
    Planning your business finances with a reliable Relationship Manager.
  • Interest rate
    Competitive interest rates.

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Terms and Conditions :

  • The above Credit Details are only a cost / cost simulation.

  • The calculation still does not include other fees.

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