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Limitasi mo-cash


By using Tbank, the overall limit (accumulation) of transactions in one month is IDR 20.000.000, -. Accumulated limit for bill payment including maximum Mocash of IDR 100.000.000, - / day.

Persyaratan - mo-cash


BRI Savings Account (BritAma, BritAma Junio or Simpedes) and Giro (Individual) who have BRI ATM Card (BRI Card) in active status.

  • Register at ATM
    Make an initial registration to be able to transact non-financial through atm BRI by selecting Menu "Other Transactions" then do "Registration" by registering your mobile number.
  • Registration at Work Unit
    Simply fill in the application form for SMS Banking Registration by attaching a copy of valid ID card and photo copy of BRI ATM card.

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