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Some references to WBS reporting formats by considering copyright:

  1. Governance commitment

    BRI is committed to continuously improve the implementation of GCG from top management, especially the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors. The implementation of these commitments by implementing GCG principles in every business activity of BRI, which is shown in the vision and mission of BRI, corporate values ​​and policy strategies in the sustainability of the company.

    BRI's Governance Commitment is manifested in the form of:

    1. Vision and Mission describing future business goals and how they are accomplished.
    2. Company values ​​that must be embedded and applied by BRI personnel at all levels as a Working Culture.
    3. of the Code of Conduct as a guideline on business ethics, work ethics and the organizational behavior of BRI in implementing good corporate management practices, including interacting with stakeholders.
    4. The Working Guidelines of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners as a reference in the management and supervision of the company's running
    5. Joint Working Agreement as a result of negotiations and agreements between BRI and BRI trade unions, which later became the guidance of both parties in carrying out the employment relationship and as the main reference in the event of a labor dispute.
    6. Conservation of Natural Resources and Environment as BRI's commitment to corporate social responsibility to participate in sustainable economic development to improve the quality of life and the environment that is beneficial to both BRI itself, the local community and the community at large.
  2. Photos of the GMS (Annual GMS and Extraordinary GMS)
  3. Evidence of the signing of the Code of Ethics of the Board of Directors and Commissioners
  4. BRI Code of Conduct
  5. WBS Reporting and Media Facilities

    BRI's Whistleblowing System reporting tools can be submitted to:

    1. SMS with number 0811 -8200-600
    2. A written letter with PO BOX 1895 JKP 10900
    3. BRI Webmail with whistleblower@corp.bri.co.id address
    4. BRI website with address www.bri.co.id/wbs (tailored to BRI website address to be created)
    1. https://pertaminaclean.tipoffs.info/
    2. https://bni-transparan.tipoffs.info/
    3. https://www.ojk.go.id/wbs/
    4. https://www.bca.co.id/id/whistleblowing
    5. https://danamon-wbs.tipoffs.info/ (rekomendasi)