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BRIfast Remittance

Interbank money transfer service operated by BANK BRI. The flexibility of BRI Remittance services from BANK BRI is ready to serve your foreign currency shipping needs, both business and delivery needs for beloved family.

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  • Incoming Remittance
    We provide you with the efficient transfer funds availability of telegraphic transfer and BRIfast web services.
    The good funds can be credited into account with BRI (credit to account) and cashed out though all BRI’s outlets (cash pick up) as well.
  • Outgoing Remittance
    Transfer your foreign currency funds to business partners and family abroad through more than 1,200 Correspondent Banks and counterparts of BRI cooperation worldwide.



  • FAST
    Flexible: The transferred fund can be either credited into account with BRI (credit to account) or cashed out (cash pick up) through our more than 9,800 outlets.
    Accurate: Leveraging our automatic delivery system to avoid transactions rejection.
    Secure: The transferred fund is protected through our highly secure system and additional security (PIN) for cash pick up services.
    Trusted: Leveraging to our good partnership with reputable bank correspondents and counterparts support us to deliver the best remittance services to our customer.
  • Extensive Service Network in the Country
    By our extensive network of more than 9,800 outlets throughout Indonesia
  • Real Time Online Transaction
    Leveraging our BRIfast web services, the fund will can be credited into account at BRI real time on-line.
  • BRIfast Web Service
    Our BRIfast web services allows us to deliver a fast, safe, reliable remittance services with competitive price.

Cara Pengiriman

Incoming Remittance

  • The Mechanism of Fund Transfer to Indonesia :
    1. Visit nearest Bank Outlets / Remittance Company partnering with BRI
    2. Fill out the transfer application form:
    Beneficiary’s full name
    Beneficiary’s address
    Beneficiary’s account number (if the transfer is directed to the beneficiary’s account)
  • If the Transfer is Directed to BRI Account or to Account in Other Bank in Indonesia:
    1. The fund will be directly credited the beneficiary’s account.
    2. The beneficiary can withdraw the fund at the bank’s outlet or the ATM.
  • If the Transfer is Directed to be Received in Cash:
    1. Beneficiary may visit the nearest BRI’s outlet
    2. Submit PIN number and show a valid ID card to our customer services to proceed.

Cara Pengiriman ke Luar Negri

Outgoing Remittance

  • The Mechanism of Fund Transfer to Overseas
    1. Visit our nearest Branch Office/Sub-Branch Office
    2. Fill out the application form:
    Beneficiary’s full name
    Beneficiary’s bank and account number
    3. Provide cover funds and pay the costs incurred