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  • Faedah BRI Syariah Savings
    Free monthly administration fee of savings & ATM card for cash withdrawal, balance check and transfer to other bank account through any bank ATM machine.
  • Impian BRI Syariah Savings
    Make your dream come true from Rp 50.000, - / month with FREE life insurance protection.
  • BRI Syariah Hajj Savings
    Achieve the best step in perfecting worship.
  • KPR BRI Syariah
    Owned your dream home with fixed installment per month until 15 years
  • Financing of Hajj Processing of BRI Syariah
    Providing the best solution to realize the steps to Baitullah
  • Ownership of BRI Syariah Precious Metals
    Anyone can now have gold easily and cheaply starting Rp 5.000, - / day

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